Soft Skills for Student and Discipline

Soft Skills for Student and Discipline

In today’s work environment, it is often the small things that set you apart from your colleagues. Small habits and attitudes, in addition to purely professional Soft Skills for Student and Discipline, often differentiate between success and failure: so-called soft skills.

Soft skills for freelancers

This can be the way when you make a presentation, your rhetoric, social competence or your ability to communicate – if you can’t sell your product well (and therefore yourself as a freelancer), you Often when it arrives, you can end it. Contract to win. All these things matter when you are running an F Reliance business. We have listed some things that you should pay attention to.

Presentation technique

Present your product in an appropriate way. Even the best idea will not be accepted if it is not sold in a reassuring manner. Structure your offering in a straight and well-organized manner and present it in a sensible style for the customer.

Apart from rhetoric, the technical scene still matters today. Thus you should be well versed with power points, projectors, and other equipment. By supporting your presentation with good visualization, you can make your proposal even more understandable.

When applying for a project, show that you have fun doing your work and working on the project. Assure yourself with your idea, this way you will convince the customer too.


Personal contact with the customer cannot be avoided even in virtual co-operation, even if it is through email. A good personal relationship lays the foundation for a good collaboration even on a remote basis. . What this really means is that, based on empathy, you should be able to interpret your partner’s statements correctly and thus react; Also, you should tell your comments in a way so that the other person understands you. In this way, you win trust, which is particularly important in relation to collaborating through long distances.

Intercultural competence

Another social competence is the ability to communicate across borders. Remember that other etiquettes and codes of conduct prevail in other countries, which you need to follow. A thoughtless comment, for example, in an e-mail, can seriously harm co-operation. Respect other cultures and their customs, much as you would be respected by your business associates.


Well organized are the nuts and bolts that observe one’s assignment. The more work you have to do at the same time, the more you get mixed up in the execution of these projects. Make a good schedule and put in the milestones that you have to handle in your calendar. This way you always know at what time to complete which project. Thus you do not need to break up unpleasant news to your customers about delays.

In addition, you can arrange separate folders for your received messages, for example through Outlook. You can set up one folder per subscriber so that you do not have to spend a long period of time searching for mail. At the same time, you can sort your mail by relevance to have some sort of hierarchy when replying to your mail.


Especially for a self-employed or freelancer, it is important to always have access to e-mail or the Internet. An Internet-ready mobile phone and / or an Internet key for your laptop is quite helpful in this context. Enables you to quickly access information during conversations with customers if you are unable to answer all questions at a particular moment. In addition, instant messages can always be received or you can contact your customers via Skype, update your blog or resolve other issues.

Table Manners

Last but not least: Imagine that your business partner wants to meet you for a business lunch, and you don’t know how to handle knives and forks properly. You will not be able to focus on the content of the resulting conversation. This example may be a bit exaggerated, but there are very few obstacles and things that you need to pay attention to at the official lunch. Being knowledgeable about the most common etiquette, it gives a competent impression and enables you to focus better on the content of the conversation.

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