Sargodha University online Challan Form

Sargodha University online Challan Form

Sargodha University updates its fee systems about one year ago. Before this, everyone submits their fee on handwritten challan form provided by HBL Bank. As time passes SU updates its fee systems and makes its computerized for everyone by issue Online Challan Form. Sargodha University online Challan Form.

By doing online Challan form mistakes that students do are now less and very make very useful systems for private Students & Regular Students. Before these systems only HBL, SU Branch accepts this fee but Now Every HBL Branch accepts the fee in Pakistan, BARCODE printed on the challan form. To Fill up form You must enter your valid CNIC Number, First Name, Father Name, and purpose of Challan Form. Click on the Following Links to generate the Challan Form.

Challan for private Individual Admissions

Challan for General Fee

Challan for Colleges Admissions

Challan for Affiliation & Registration

Fee Structure of Sargodha University

Particular Fee (RS)

Registration Fee for B/A. B.Sc and M.A/M.Sc 3500

BA Regular/Late College/ Private Candidates 4000

B.Sc Regular/late College /Private Candidates 4500

B.Com Part I Regular/Late College Candidates 3550

B.Com Part II Regular/Late College Candidates 3750

MA Part I Regular/Late College/Private Candidates 4350

MA Part II Regular/Late College/Private Candidates 4650

MA Composite Private/Fresh, Failed as whole 8050

Urgent Degree 2500

Duplicate Degree 5000

MSc Composite/Fresh/Failed 8750

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