How to Reduce Unemployment

How to Reduce Unemployment


Unemployment means you are jobless, you have a degree but no work, you have skill but you don’t know how to work on that skills. Unfortunately, unemployment rapidly increases in the last few years. Undeveloped Countries where populations are more than their resources. They do not Pay their Tax to Govt. due to this Govt. cannot start new projects. Below are some suggestions and skills that are very useful to reduce unemployment. They work and can get income from these resources.

How to get online jobs?

  1. Free Lancing

In this 21 Century where everything is online, you can also earn money sitting at home by using the internet. Fiver, Upwork, Peoples pr Hour, freelancer are some top websites where you can make your private account and start work according to your skill. In the above website, you can make gigs in fiver on skills like editing photos, videos, Writing books, blogs, for others. In fiver, you can do little minor work for other starting just $5. In these websites, you can provide service of MS Word file editing, Making a presentation in MS PowerPoint, Make an excel sheet in MS Excel to others.

2. Blogging/Website

An unemployed person can make a website and write a blog and share his thoughts and experience that he faced. Blogspot is free to place where you can write a blog and share it with others. More visitors come to your blog read articles, they can comment on your post. In this blog, you can get Google Adsense Approval to show ads in your content. Always write your own article avoid copy-paste already written article. Because Google can rank only unique article with Good SEO(Search Engine Optimization.)

3. You Tube

Youtube is the most popular video search website nowadays. Here you can upload your videos of any skill, any topic related. Everyone nowadays is preferred YouTube to watch his favorite videos, Drama Serial, Favourite Shows, Political Discussion, Cartoons. You can get any ideas from Youtube to start any work. You can watch others’ experience and Loss/Profit Work. According to YouTube Policy Put original Videos or Content. First, Complete 1000 Subscriber and 4000 watches time to get the Adsense approval. After Adsense approval, Google Ads are showing to your channel and your videos. More Views and more Subscribers are increasing your earning.

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