Admissions for B.A/B.Sc at UOS

B.A/B.Sc in 2 years degree program at the University of Sargodha. All Affiliate Govt./Private Colleges are studying under the university guidelines. After intermediate(12-years) education Colleges give admissions. Different Colleges are done their admission for boys and girls. Admissions for B.A/B.Sc at UOS, exams held by the University of Sargodha every year. Always papers are started at the start of April and results are displayed at the end of August. Result Declaration Ceremony is held by the Controller office. NOW According to HEC instructions, Degree names are changed as BA(Bachelor of Arts) into ADP Arts (Associate Degree Program for Arts) and B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) into ADP Science (Associate Degree program for Science), However, all conditions and instructions are unchanged.

In B.Sc student get admissions in with different categories. As a student passes his F.Sc either in Pre-Engineering OR Pre-Medical with subjects (Maths, Physics, Chemistry) and (Bio, Physics, Chemistry) respectively. ICS Student is also counted in Science Students they read in different categories (Maths, Physics, Computer), or any other general subjects along with the computer. In they also take admission in different following categories except for Complousry Subjects English, Pak Studies, Islamiyat/Ethics(non-Muslims)

1. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Chemistry.

2. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Statistics.

3. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Geography

4. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Psychology.

5. Physics, A Course of Mathematics, B Course of Mathematics

6. Physics, Statistics, and Psychology.

7. Physics, Chemistry and Statistics

8. Chemistry, Economics and Geography

9. Botany, Chemistry and Geography

10. Botany, Chemistry and Statistics

11. Zoology, Chemistry and Botany

12. Zoology, Chemistry and Geography

13. Zoology, Chemistry and Statistics

14. Psychology, Statistics and Geography

15. Psychology, Mathematics (General) and Geography

16. Psychology, Chemistry and Zoology

17. Psychology, Statistics and Home Economics

18. Psychology, Mathematics (General) and Home Economics

19. Psychology, Chemistry and Home Economics

20. Psychology, Geography and Home Economics

21. Psychology, Botany and Zoology

22. Psychology, Physics and Chemistry

23. Psychology, Botany and Geography

24. Psychology, Chemistry and Geography

25. Psychology, Zoology and Geography

26. Psychology, Chemistry and Botany

27. Psychology, Statistics and Economics

28. Psychology, Statistics and Mathematics (General)

29. Psychology, Statistics and Geography

30. Psychology, Statistics and Home Economics

31. Psychology, Geography and Economics

32. Statistics, A Course of Mathematics, B Course of Mathematics

33. Statistics, Mathematics (General) and Psychology

34. Statistics, Economics and Geography

35. Statistics, Economics and Computer Studies

36. A Course of Mathematics, B Course of Mathematics and Economics

37. A Course of Mathematics, B Course of Mathematics and Computer Studies

38. A Course of Mathematics, B Course of Mathematics and Statistics

39. Mathematics (General), Geography and Economics

40. Mathematics (General), Geography and Statistics

41. Mathematics (General), Statistics and Economics

42. Geography, Botany, and Zoology

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